Qianmen: The Prince

Author: Fang Baiyu


Humans do not have the claws and teeth of tigers and wolves, nor the strength of lions and elephants, yet they can capture and train these animals because of their wisdom. -- Qianmen: The Secret Book, Prologue

The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride

Author: Ren Xuxia


A thousand years ago, the emperor of heaven, Mo Yunye, was defeated by the Demon King, Nan Liyue. In order to get his prisoners of war back to the holy army, Mo Yunye agreed to give his young lady Luo Qianhua to Nan Liyue in exchange. After a short time, a rumor from the demons spread to heaven that Luo Qianhua could not bear the Demon King’s torture and committed suicide by jumping from the highest spirit extermination stage and vanished. A thousand years later, a little hedgehog elf appeared on an isolated island in the far eastern sea, who looked like Luo Qianhua. Is she his sacrificed fiancée? Can the emperor win her back?

Cat Concubine

Author: Kitten Wang


Meng Zimo, the princess of the Erhai Dragon family, was born with a touch of mischief. During the flower festival, she transformed into human shape to play in town, but was trapped into a conflict with Yi Jianan, the prince of the South Sea dragons. During the chase, Zimo accidentally went into a forbidden territory, leading to her soul returning to her former life, where she reincarnated as a cat with a dragon spirit. The cat’s owner was Duan Yibing, who was about to become the queen of Nanzhao. There, Zimo saw young prince Feng Jiayi, who was the former incarnation of Jianan. He becomes convinced she was not a cat, but the fairy in his dreams.

Homebody Fairy

Author: Zhou Yi


Xie Linlin, a little home fairy in heaven, recently got an impossible mission: to persuade their lazy emperor to give up his unhealthy habit of not leaving his living quarters.

The Blood Hourglass

Author: Luvian


Lin Jing, a junior high school student, had been a vampire for more than a thousand years. One day on the way home, she saw a young woman laying on the ground struggling in death, and her merciful heart took her there to make the young woman the same kind of monster as she was. But the young woman did not obey her order of taking pity on the common people. She killed people cruelly in a small village, which brought Jing trouble. Meanwhile, another old lady vampire followed Jing as her shade, with the purpose of covering for Jing. Jing was always in a low mood because of loneliness. But her depression may be healed by a boy who suddenly comes into her life, her close friend Xiaoya’s brother, a boy who feels like a friend at first sight.

My Fairy Lord

Author: Zhou Yi


A fun story about a jade fairy who secretly fell in love with the Highest Immortal named Qinghan, and thus tried every method she knew to become his ride.