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Chapter 10 Unsophisticated (Part II)

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The middle-aged man who was leading the horse and two others who were already covered with blood were shocked by Yuxiao's bravery. Are they not evil spirits from hell?” "Is this still a man? Is he from hell?"”

They were in a daze for only a minute or so, and then they understood the situation before them. Two middle-aged men with whips ran to the man who had been chopped into pieces and called out: "elder brother." The middle-aged man who leading the horse was pale and his legs were leaden, and he could not lift them anymore. At that moment, he looked down at a man who had come up from the hill covered in blood and carrying a machete, his crotch wet uncontrollably.

It was Yuxiao, a young man with a bloody face and looks like a devil, who came to find two middle-aged men crying on the ground. "Hey, stop crying, the dead are gone already.”

Two middle-aged men heard him and looked up, they thought to themselves, “our elder brother is dead, can't we just cry for a minute?” But they dare not to say so. Both of them would have died if Yuxiao hadn't helped them. Besides, Yuxiao's fierce appearance just scared them to say no more. One of them said. "The young man is right. The dead are gone already. Thanks for saving our lives!" And he stood up and took his fist, bowed to Yuxiao, and the other one got up and bowed as well.

"What happened? All you men with so many horses, surrounded by those who have not yet ridden." "Asked Yuxiao, he was puzzled.

“Our three brothers are businessmen in charge of horse trading in the Li family . This time, the second young master of the family insisted on going out with us to purchase horses, he said he wanted to go out and learn some more. Nobody knew that we can usually get rid of these mountain thieves with a little money, but this time it is not working. They were determined to kill us, and it was impossible to buy them off” The middle-aged man suppressed his sorrow and explained it to him in detail.

Yuxiao couldn't think of a reason for this and said. "Do you still sell your horses? I'll buy one and left."

Two middle-aged men heard that the young man only wanted a horse, so they killed so many mountain thieves for them. Although in mind they can’t guess this youth's idea, but they are also wanderer, so the middle-aged man thought quickly and said, "young man, if you want horses, why don't you go with us to Li’s Family? Although these horses are strong but not a good horse, our family has four good quality horses that can be more suitable for you to ride.”

Yuxiao thought to himself. “Horses have different qualities?” He didn't see it but he couldn't say it, so that others would think he wasn't knowledgeable. "It's all right," he said, with his curiosity. "Bury them or take the dead with us?"

After hearing this, the two big men discussed with each other and said to Yuxiao sadly. "My elder brother would bury under the ground if we can't take it away. But it’s better to take the second young master and the two servants back to Master Li, what do you think, young man?"

"As you wish." "Said Yuxiao faintly.

Two middle-aged men thanked him and began to dig holes in the hillside by their hand. However, the mountain was full of stones, and the two men sweated only dig out a few stones. Yuxiao looked at them and thought to himself. "I don't know whether you two are stupid or not. Why don’t you use a machete? It’s better to help them out.” Thinking of this, he opened his mouth calmly and said. "Both of you get out of the way. Let me help you."

Two middle-aged men said nothing just got out of the way. Yuxiao walked over and stood where the two of them had dug a small pit. He took a deep breath and let Qi wander around his body for a round and he shouted: "open it!" His foot was trampled hard into the pit. After a sound of “boom”, a few cracks opened along the edge of the pit. Yuxiao took the machete and picked up a dozen pieces of stone, and a giant pit appeared in front of their eyes.

As they looked, two middle-aged men took a cold breath and thought to themselves. 'It takes a lot of effort to do that.'

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