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Chapter 11 Tame the White Horse (Part I)

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On the mountain road, two middle-aged men buried all the dead bodies, except for those of the mountain thieves. Yuxiao followed them on his horse and made a quick run to Li’s family. It was late afternoon when they arrived. Many people in Li’s family had been to sleep. Only a few lanterns lit up the courtyard, and several servants patrolled the courtyard at irregular times.

"You report to the Lord that his second son has died unfortunately. "Said the middle-aged man sadly, after he was knocking at the door of Li’s house and looking at a sleepy servant.

Hearing that the second young master was dead, the servant was so frightened that he suddenly woke up and ran toward the backyard.

In a moment, Yuxiao saw the lights of the palace and courtyard shining like day.

A portly old man, about sixty years of age, walked with a trembling step, supported by two members of the family, cried sadly as he walked: “My son…my Fu’er”

When he reached the door, he saw three bodies lying on the ground in the courtyard. He looked towards of them carefully, and found that one of them was his second son. He almost fainted. At this time, an old woman came in here, supported by a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman.

"My son…"

As soon as the old lady looked, she gave a cry of grief and fainted. It’s really hard to accept that offspring died before its eldership.

A man and a woman beside her shouted, "mother, mother, wake up" and they let the servants carry the old woman to the inner hall in a hurry.

By this time, Lord Li had recovered his composure and looked at the two middle-aged men, without caring about their injuries, he asked sternly: “Sun Cheng, Sun Jun, what the hell happened?” He completely ignored Yuxiao who standing on one side.

Sun Cheng stepped forward, lowered his head to say: "My Lord." With tears in his eyes, he told the story of the mountain thieves he had just met between the mountain roads.

After Lord Li heard, he noticed Yuxiao. The light shone down, his face and body were covered with dried black blood, with his hair down, he looked like a demon. "Thanks, young man," Lord Li said with a look of gratitude on his face although there was a flutter in his heart "or even my son's body would not be visible."

Yuxiao looked at them in such sorrow, in fact, he touched his heart, he was also thinking that:” If I die, I don't know if my father and mother would be so sad.” He heard the Lord's voice and turned around said: “please accept my sympathy, and sorry to disturb you. I came here just want to buy a good horse. I wonder if you could sell me one."

Lord Li looked at him and thought. “Such a young man, who has not only great strength but also ruthless, we can’t offend him even if we can’t make a good relationship with him.” He said with a smile on his face, “"It's very late now, young man. Why don't you rest and clean yourself first, and I'll ask the servant to put on a new suit for you. Then pick out the horses in the stable in the next morning.”

Yuxiao nodded in agreement and said, "Thanks for taking care of me."

Lord Li directed the servants to entertain Yuxiao, and some others of them to order coffins.

Yuxiao cleaned himself and changed clothes made of silk brought by the servants of Li's family. He began to build up his Qi by sitting cross-legged on the bed. After a few breaths he settled in, and he did not open his eyes until the first light of the morning came into the room. “A night without sleep is better than rest,” he thought. At that moment he heard the servants moving about, and he got out of bed and went outside.

When he went outside, he found that, unlike last night, there was a mourning hall, where servants were all dressed in rough white cloth, and with white stripes round their heads.

At this time, someone saw Yuxiao coming out of the room. He quickly came to him and asked, "Youngster, breakfast is ready. The Lord told me to take you to dinner when you wake up."

Listening to the servant's words, Yuxiao, who had been cultivating Qi for the whole night, felt a little hungry inside. He did not refuse, but went to breakfast with the servant. When he had finished his breakfast, he looked at Lord Li and said. "Thank you for your hospitality. I'd better buy a horse and left."

Lord Li found that the young man was indeed unwilling to stay here anymore, and no longer wanted to stay. He Said: "I’ll let Sun Cheng take you to choose a horse, but do not know your name yet, how could I ever repay you.”

"My name is Xue Yutao, I didn't do anything to help, but let you to take care of myself so carefully. If there is any chance of meeting in the future, I will help you if I can.” "Yuxiao said this time sincerely, without any polite words.

Lord Li was glad to hear that. He and Yuxiao walked out of the living room together and called Sun Cheng. The three of them went to the direction of the stable together.

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