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Chapter 12 Tame the White Horse (Part II)

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"Why isn't that horse tied up in the barn?"

Yuxiao looked at a snow-white horse without a rein in its mouth and walked freely in the yard.

"That white horse was accidentally picked up by me when I was walking in the west last year. He has a short temper and is a fiery steed. He was always fighting with other horses and could not be chained anyway. No one has ever been able to subdue it.” Sun Cheng explained.

"Oh, that's interesting." Yuxiao got interested in the horse and said. "I'll go and meet him." Then he went from the entrance to the inside.

"Young man, don’t do this please. There are a lot of people hurt under his hoof." Sun Cheng said with concern.

"It's ok. I'll try it." Yuxiao ignored Sun Cheng’s words and walked to the horse farm to the white horse.

The white horse watched Yuxiao walk towards him and did not run away, but still walked slowly. When Yuxiao came to the front of the hand to touch his head, only to hear the white horse gave a cry and then he raised the front hoof toward him and trampled.

Yuxiao was startled to hear the horse's loud voice, when he saw that the horse was about to kick him by his highly-raised legs. He dodged quickly. Without a kick from the white horse, his hind legs bounced toward Yuxiao's stomach.

"Good one."

Yuxiao shouted as he dodged the white horse's rear hoofs. He leaned close to the white horse and then bent down to get under its belly. He lifted the white horse up easily, and then threw the white horse straight out with his legs bent. The horse made an arc in the air. "Boom ~", the white horse fell on the ground, shaking up some dust. The white horse was about to rise from the ground with a pathetic whine. Yuxiao strode up to him, his arms stuck to horse’s neck, his body pressed against the forerunner's legs, and the white horse was not able to get up, no matter how he screamed or bounced.

This scared Lord Li and Sun Cheng. Sun Cheng has known of Yuxiao’s strength a little bit, but for Lord Li, this is quite terrified. He thoughts, “it will take a lot of effort to do that.”

No matter what they thought, Yuxiao pressed the horse for three or four minutes, but the horse ran out of strength and never stood up again. Yuxiao just released his hand, squatting in front of the horse and touching its head, said: "how about going with me, I am also alone."

The horse's frightened eyes calmed as if it understood him, and its head rubbed against Yuxiao's palm.

Yuxiao was so happy that he lifted him up, and the white horse stood up with his head lowered and rubbed Yuxiao's face. It appears that the white horse was completely calm. Yuxiao couldn't be happier and he patted the horse's forerunner said: "let's go."

After Yuxiao said this, he strode to the door, with white horse behind him in a leisurely walk.

"Youngster, what divine power you have, how can you tame such a strong horse." Sun cheng asked.

"Ha ha, I have no real talent, but only have some brute strength." Yuxiao meant the truth, but they listened as if he was being modest.

"Lord Li, how much is this horse? I should go, too."

Yuxiao looks at Lord Li and asks him. He wants to pay and leave here quickly.

"This horse can't be tamed by anyone else except you which proved that he is destined for you. So you can take it away without paying." Lord Li looked at Yuxiao and said seriously.

“How does that work? I have to pay for it.” As he spoke, he took five gold coins out of the bag and gave them to Lord Li

"You really don't need to pay." Li pleaded.

"Yuxiao thought to himself," I will buy a horse and a carriage only cost two gold coins. It is not enough for me to give you five for a single horse. He said, “I'm getting you some money more. How much does this horse cost?”

Yuxiao's words were not good enough for Li to excuse, so he took the five coins quickly and said: "That’s enough. That’s enough."

And how did Yuxiao know that the horse was purchased at a market price of more than 20 gold coins. Lord Li had Sun Cheng to put a rein on the horse's mouth and put a saddle on the horse's back. Yuxiao left Li’s family under the escort of Lord and Sun Cheng, he mounted his horse and ran south.

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