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Chapter 13 The Fortune-teller (Part I)

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Yuxiao took the white horse as his companion and named it “Xue Five” to remind himself trying to get rid of his given name “trash”. He rode the white horse towards south for more than a month, passing through four medium-sized cities which has similar size of Yuyang city. And then he passed five other small cities, which have one third size of Yuyang city. In order to take care of the white horse to eat well, he only had a simple meal. After slept a night he started his journey again.

This day, he traveled a hundred miles to the south. When he looked thirty miles away, a mountain of wall appeared on the horizon. The first thing that came into his eyes was two fist-sized words, the “Dragon city”.

"Is this the wall? It's just a continuous cantilever."

Yuxiao walked a kilometre away from the city wall and he was impressed by the view. The word "Dragon city" was erected, covering an area of over 400 square meters. One word was ten times bigger than the gate of Yuyang city, where he lived. He looked again at the endless wall, which was hundreds of feet high and smooth. He could not see the soldiers standing on it. Even if the birds are going to fly in, they have to spread their wings hardly. If anyone wishes to build a siege ladder, it is a fantasy. Who can build a siege ladder more than 100 feet tall? Even if someone can build it, who dares to climb a hundred feet tall? Yuxiao asked himself now, the answer is no. He compared the wall here to the wall where he lived, where he lived and the wall was a slight slope, there was no comparison at all. He had not yet entered the city gate, but he was worshipful of this city already and was more than ever uneasy.

He rode on his white horse to the gate, and when he came near it, there were a hundred men guarding it. Where he lived, five or six soldiers were enough. At this time, a soldier stopped Yuxiao and asked him. "What are you here for?"

Yuxiao quickly dismounted and looked at the soldier and said respectfully. "Sir, I heard that there were troops stationed in the southern frontier. I want to join the army in the military department of it

After listening to Yuxiao's words, the soldier took a serious look at him and saw that the scar on his face was really a bit fierce. Then he said. "Outside this city, you could go south, where is the territory of shou. Where are you going to join the army?”

Yuxiao asked quickly. "is this the south end of our country?"

"Didn't I say that? You left this city to go south and where is the land of The Orcs, ha ha!" "The soldier joked.

Yuxiao didn't feel funny at all. At this time, he couldn't help laughing awkwardly. He looked at the soldier and asked. "Do we still need soldiers?"

The soldier continued. "I asked you, where are you going to join the army?"

"It's right here in Dragon city." Yuxiao did not understand the soldier's meaning, said confused.

"You can not possibly understand. If you were my servant, I wouldn't want to hire you at all. You don't even understand what I'm saying." "Said the soldier with little angry, looking at his bewildered expression

The gate was so big that Yuxiao stood at the gate and talked with the soldier, without any influence on the people and caravan going in and out. At this time, a soldier came to him and said, "little Yin, what are you talking to him about?".

The soldier coming was half a head taller than the soldier named little Yin, and he was also stronger than him

The soldier took a look at Yuxiao and found nothing outstanding. He smiled at little Yin and said, "Did you bully strangers again?".

When Yuxiao looked at the soldiers here, they were talking and laughing, which did not look like there was a battle at all. He began to doubt whether this was a frontier or not, but he could not tell his doubts.

Just now, the soldier already know that Yuxiao wanted to join the army after listening to Yin's explanation. He looked at Yuxiao and smiled, "My brother Yin is asking you, which department do you want to sign up for? Our divisions of the dragon city are divided into four divisions of infantry, cavalry, archers and air-force, each of which is divided into dozens of different types. I think this white horse you ride is not bad, how about you go to the cavalry division?"

"What do the four divisions mean? And I can see you are all relaxed, is there no fighting here? Or is this not a frontier? Yuxiao looked at his good-natured face and easy to speak, so he asked all his doubts.

"I have still not fully understood the meaning of the four divisions of the armed forces," said the soldier. Even if I explain it to you, it won't be over in a day or two. As I understand it: Infantry is a close combat, they have no riding at all; Cavalry is the kind of unit that you have a horse or something like The Orcs; Archers, like archers or magicians, they can strike at the back of the line; Air-force is like a soldier who fights in the sky on a flying beast or a man who can fly. As to whether we have war to fight or not, we'll have to wait another two months for the winter come and there will be small to large wars, and there has no war to fight now. We are guardsmen in the infantry. We are not involved in the battle and only responsible for opening and closing the gates. A month from now there will be scouts, engineers, and guards coming with us to guard the gates together. At that time, thousands of troops will be stationed at the entrance of the city, and millions of troops will be stationed at the city wall. You are just in time, and it will be hard to come into town a month later.

Yuxiao was also surprised by his ingenuous explanation. The total population of Yuyang city adds up to a million or not, but the garrison on this city wall has a million, how vast the Dragon city is! When he brought back to himself, he asked the soldier courteously. "how do I register with the cavalry?"

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