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Chapter 14 The Fortune-teller (Part II)

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The soldier smiled and said, "you go to the center of the town and there is a 'general division', which is responsible for recruiting all kinds of troops. They will assign you to the corresponding arms according to your own conditions, which is also the fastest way to join them. If you feel confident, go straight to your favorite division, you can directly to join them if you are selected. Cavalry division is located at the south gate of the inner city. This is the north gate of the outer city. You can find it by walking south to the inner city.

After Yuxiao heard this, he took his horse and rode into the city. It was already sunset by this time. He found an inn to live in, and after dinner, he washed and brushed himself and then laid on the bed. He thought about whether to go directly to the cavalry division or the general division tomorrow while he fell asleep without knowing it. It was already the next day morning when he heard someone talking outside. He went downstairs and had a meal in the hall, thinking that he did not know if the white horse was well rested, he asked the waiter to come with him to the stable.

Yuxiao went to the stable and saw the white horse lying on its separate room. The white horse shouted happily when he saw Yuxiao was coming, and then he stood up. Yuxiao touched his head, unfastened the reins on the post, and led it out.

Yuxiao took the horse out of the inn and tried to ride up to the headquarters. Looking at the bustling crowd outside, Yuxiao asked someone about it and walked towards the city center.

"Young man, I find you have an extraordinary skeleton, and you will have an adventure in the future. Why don't you let me tell your fortune?”

Yuxiao was walking, said an old man with a white goatee beside him. The old man was holding a broken stick, with a yellow white cloth on top of it, on which “Fortune-teller” was written.

Yuxiao looked at him dressed like an old gentleman writing letters in Yuyang city. It occurred to him that whether his father had seen his letter. He then looked at the old man and said. "Sir, are you talking to me?"

The old man smiled and said, "of course."

Yuxiao considered he was also told his fortune as a child. It’s said that he'd be rich and successful, which costs him five ounces of silver. Nevertheless, he was nearly sixteen years old now and still considered a waste person. He looked at the old man again, and there was no question that he was a cheat. However, he wants to ask about something, and he did not want to expose the old man, so he asked with a smile, “Thank you, Sir. I would like to know if I should report to the general division or to the cavalry division. Where can I gain more military credits?"

"Why don't you sit down and I'll see how your palm looks?" This old man sat on a stump at a broken table by the side of the road and assumed an inscrutable look. He stroked his beard and said so.

Yuxiao thought to himself, 'Since I don't know where shall I go, I'll just listen to you. Then he sat down on another stump at the broken table by the side of the road. He held the horse by the right hand and held out his left hand.

The old man looked at the pattern on Yuxiao's left hand and was surprised. Then, his hands lightly touched Yuxiao's left hand and rubbed it on his palm. After this, he was so shocked that he put down his hand and said nothing.

Yuxiao looked at him in surprise with a slight panic, he thought, "It's time to start cheating on me," then he asked, "What's the matter, Sir? Where do you think I should go?"


The old man looked puzzled and didn’t know exactly what to say.

“Is he now beginning to ask for money now? He's better than the man I met when I was a kid.” Thought Yuxiao. He took a little bit silver from his bosom and laid it on the table, and then he said, "Please, Sir."

The old man looked at Yuxiao's money and quickly said. "I can’t…." Then he quickly took the money and put it in Yuxiao's hand. "I can't take the money from you," The old man said.

“He thought it was too little? How awesome this old man is! I'll give him more money before he says anything yet. “Thought Yuxiao, and he reached out again to his bosom…

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