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Chapter 15 The Magic Knights (Part I)

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At this time, Yuxiao found that he only had two gold coins left. This is because, he eats a lot, and the white horse is not sociable, it has to be taken good care of, so he spends his money quickly. He thought to himself. "This old man may be helpful in the future. I'll take the money back and see what you can do with me."

Having made up his mind, he took out a gold coin, put it near him on the table, and looked at the old man. "Now you have to say," he thought and then called "Sir…"


The old man sighed, and worried that Yuxiao would pull out more money, he hastened to say, “The general division is easy to be admitted, the cavalry division easy to make achievements.” He rising to his feet, and seizing the white strips of cloth which hung from the broken stick, and twining them about it, and said. “It looks like it's time to get off work. Young man, I hope you will choose by yourself. One more word, you should let no one see your palm again.”

Then he turned to the crowd and did not take the gold coins that Yuxiao had put down on the table. The moment Yuxiao looked at the fortune-teller standing up, he seemed so aged and shocked. When he brought back to himself, the old man has already gone.

Yuxiao gathered up the coins on the table and take them to his bosom. At this moment, thinking about the act of the fortune-teller just now, he felt strange. He reflected on what the fortune-teller had said earlier, as if it were easy for the cavalry division to make military credits, and he led his horse to the south. He thought, “If the cavalry doesn't choose me, I'll go to the general division.

When Yuxiao led his horse south, the fortune-teller in the crowd bowed to Yuxiao's back, followed the crowd, and disappeared completely in a moment.

The prosperity of the inner city of Dragon city makes the season of approaching autumn looks a bit fidgety. Yuxiao did not feel any curiosity about the crowd shouting and selling. He just thought the road was too crowded to pass through. He took his way through the crowded inner city, and suddenly a wide bluestone road appeared, which was unexpectedly deserted. There was only a cavalryman who was stand of arms, with an oversize iron pike in his hand, and he was riding a strong black horse. After taking several deep breaths of fresh air, Yuxiao turned on his horse and came up to the guard.

"What are you doing here?

Yuxiao was still ten meters away from the cavalryman, and the man with the iron pike stood out, pointed his shining pikehead at Yuxiao's chest.

Yuxiao felt an oncoming rush of killing urge, and his fretful heart suddenly calmed down. He looked calmly at the cavalryman and thought. This man is more powerful than a hundred guards at the gate. Cavalry is the correct choice. "I want to go into the cavalry department," Yuxiao said respectfully and saluted with his fist. "I hear I can report to the cavalry department directly. I'm looking for it."

The cavalryman listened to him and looked at Yuxiao through the cold helmet with unfriendly eyes. Yuxiao felt he was a prey in his eyes, and he stared fearlessly in the cavalry, looking calm and leisurely, even though he was under a lot of pressure.

Two men looked at each other with two pairs of eyes for a dozen breaths, only to hear the man’s cold voice: "then take my pike." The cavalryman slanted his iron pike to the ground, then throwing it toward Yuxiao's left flank. If the mounted Yuxiao could not catch it, the iron pike could be stuck on the ground. But Yuxiao didn’t let this cavalryman disappointed, when the iron point just past his side, his left hand quickly grasps the pike’s handle connected to the sharp blade, then he used pike’s strength to throw it behind. Then the iron point appeared from Yuxiao's right arm and the handle was in his right hand. But his right hand was not hold it firmly, and the pike thrust from his right into the man's chest. When the handle was still a foot and a half long, his right hand grabbed the iron handles hardly, and pressed the iron handle at the back firmly against his arm and armpit, with holding it flat. Then he hurled his pike skyward, the point of his pike pointed to heaven. His right hand was loose, and the pike was quickly driven to the ground. When the point of the pike came close to his right hand, his right hand shook it so hard that it was flattened with the strength of his hand. His legs touched the white horse's stomach, and horse walked five steps forward. For three meters long iron pike in Yuxiao's flat down, the pike’s handle has already been to the cavalier's chest.

Yuxiao's flurry of action caught the man's eye, and this cavalryman's cold gaze softened a lot. He took the iron pike back in his right hand and looked at Yuxiao from the position of the pike. "Come with me," he said. With a jerk of his horse's rope, the black horse turned and ran south down the broad avenue in front of him.

Yuxiao ran after the black horse. At the same time, he looked out of the way from time to time, and every so often there was someone like the cavalryman he was following. Some of them were ridden slowly along the road. Others stood at the junction, but no ordinary person appeared.

After a quarter of an hour the horse ran, he saw a gate in front of him, and on it were two large words -- 'Cavalry division'. Five horned cavalrymen, without weapons, on either side of the door, stood in order. Yuxiao felt a sense of authority from them even though they had no weapons in their hands.

"This kid is here to join the army. After the test to be carried out, no matter he passed or not, you shall send him to my battalion. I will settle him down." The man who brought Yuxiao was still looking at the ten man in front of the door with a cold tone, and turned away with his horse.

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