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Chapter 16 The Magic Knights (Part II)

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At that moment, a man in the doorway looked at Yuxiao and said: "Damn. Now are there necessary to do the test? You already picked. So, little brother, where are you from? You’re appreciated by big Xiong.”

Yuxiao did not know what the situation was, but after hearing that he already passed the test, he said to the cavalryman happily, “I come from Yuyang city.”

"Yuyang city, never heard of it.” said the cavalryman.

"A thousand miles away." "Said Yuxiao briefly.

Hearing this, the cavalryman said happily: "Good fellow, you are ambitious and looked tough. Come on, come with me. Even if the big Xiong wants you, we are still required to go through the procedure. Let me see what you can do. This cavalryman should be an optimist. He walked into the cavalry division with Yuxiao on his side.

Yuxiao rode in with his horse. The other nine cavalrymen were silent and didn’t stop him. He felt a little strange.

“Brother, we're cavalry division, you know, it's all people with their heads pinned to their belts. We could die at any time.” Entering the cavalry division, the cavalryman looked more relaxed and joked with Yuxiao.

“It's better to die on the first day I set foot on the battlefield than those people who go through their lives achieving nothing. Besides, I'm not a short-lived man, am I?” Yuxiao also relaxed at this time and smiled.

Hearing Yuxiao's words, the cavalryman nodded his head and said: "Yes, you’re right. I did not expect that you’re so learned. If I have such a good eloquence, and with my cavalry occupation, may be I’m able to get a more beautiful wife."

Yuxiao thought with a smile and said. "This man is really a nonsense." He asked humbly: "Big brother, I don't know what to test for a while. May I know a little bit about it?"

"The cavalryman smiled as he squashed the unhealthy thoughts in his mind, “We have many different kinds of cavalry. The basic test is riding skills, followed by riding stings, riding shots and Qi. As long as you pass the first level and the second level, then if you have Qi, you will be tested in another department which I don’t know what it is. I only passed two.” He laughed with pride at this time. After all, if you only talk about horsemanship, a lot of people can be eliminated.

Yuxiao thought the cavalry was quite interesting, so he asked more relaxed: "what does it mean to riding skills, riding stings, riding shots?"

" Riding skills is you can't fall off no matter how the horse runs; Riding stings is the ability to fight with a weapon on a horse, usually with a long pike or pike, with the exception of other weapons; Riding shots is a special test of the ability to shoot arrows while riding. The cavalryman talked on, and Yuxiao listened carefully.

"I hear there are people riding orcs into battle. I don't know if it's true." Yuxiao suddenly thought of what he was told by the guards at the north gate. He did not see any orcs, so he asked curiously.

"Yes, but it’s not here," said the soldier admiringly. The orcs are the core of the cavalry, and they will not participate in normal battles unless we are attacked by the Evil-Kind army. They are generally in groups, move around in the Evil-Kind territory and rarely stay in the city. This is enviable.

"What do you envy about?" "Yuxiao asked, watching his face with genuine admiration.

The cavalryman looked at him and said excitedly, “Those people could not be called cavalryman. At the bottom, they were Earth Knights, followed by Saint knights and Shining knights. Of course, whatever the knight is, just call them "The Magic Knights". They have a lot in common with us anyway. But they’re not only have Qi groups, but also have special teams and the members of the team can use magic, healing, or summoning. What’s more you should know, the healers and wizards in their teams are all women, all great beauty. Said the cavalryman, drooling almost out, and then he suddenly remembered something.

"Yes…" Said the cavalryman cautiously. " There are woman knights who can use Qi. They are beautiful, but also too wild. Oh~, Later I learned how hard my life has been after I successfully chased one. I sincerely advise you that if you're looking for a wife, don't choose woman knight who can use Qi. As he said this, his elation had gone and he had become depressed.

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