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Chapter 17 The Cavalry Test (Part I)

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"By the way, do you have a wife, brother? If not, shall I introduce one to you?” The gloom on his face vanished and he said with a peculiar smile.

After he heard what the cavalryman said, he almost fell from his horse, and said with blushing on his face, “I'm still young, and I don't want to marry a wife until I can make some military credits.” "He said so, but thought that, “What kind of person is he? Why does he always mention about women?”

The cavalryman, seeing that Yuxiao was blushing and that he who had been a bit fierce, was already disappeared altogether, he laughed. “Man, it's for your own good. You think about it, before you go to the front-line, you can marry a wife and have a baby with her. In this way, you’re not only to taste a woman, but also have a family.” Even if you can't get back from the war, you won’t be disappointed in any way. If you die without tasting a woman, won't you feel that you lived in vain for so many years?"

As he spoke, Yuxiao felt his face burning and something stirring between his legs. He quickly took a deep breath and quelled the desire in his heart. He thought to himself. “Did he cast spells on me?” He could no longer be careless or listen to his gibberish again, then he looked at the cavalryman and said. " Thanks for your kindness, I appreciate it so much. I rest assured that I'll come back even if I go to war. And, how far is it from here to the test place?”

The cavalryman watched Yuxiao and his face turned cool. The cavalryman found that his eyes, as he said that he would be able to come back from the battlefield, were so firm, that it is too hard to have it even in the Saint knight’s eyes of The Magic Knight. He immediately respected Yuxiao and thought, “This young man must not be underestimated.” He thought at this moment, and suddenly felt that his mind had turned into a steady one. Then he said solemnly. "It is ahead."

Yuxiao followed the direction of his fingers to find a three-acre field in front, surrounded by a wall in a semicircle, which is empty inside. Outside the field were five men over eighty, sitting at a table and chatting over tea.

"Well, why would anyone have a test in this day?"

Yuxiao and the cavalryman came up to them. Yuxiao listened to one of the old men and deduced that this place had not been visited for a long time.

"This man came from Yuyang city and just wanted to join the cavalry division. The battalion commander met him. The battalion commander Xiong met him and said that he wanted this man to join his battalion, no matter what the test results were.” said the cavalryman who had brought Yuxiao here.

"Oh, really? The one who picked by Xiong, is not that simple." The old man on the far right looked at Yuxiao carefully and said.

This old man looked at Yuxiao and pointed to a glass ball on the table. “Put your hand on the ball and hardly release the Qi in your body."

Looking at the glass ball on the table, Yuxiao took a deep breath to calm his mind. And then, he circulated the Qi gathered in the abdomen around his body. At this point, he sent the Qi from his right arm down to the right palm and put his hand on the ball. The glass bulb gave off a faint blue light and then disappeared. At the same time, Yuxiao felt that the Qi he had collected these months had disappeared from his body. He was just so shocked that it was like he fell from heaven into hell.

The old man sitting in the middle said. “Great, you have Qi. You may break through the Fight Master in the future. Yuxiao recovered from the shock, his face suddenly calmed down, but his mind was not calm at all. No one could understand how hard it was for him to keep such a little Qi in his body.

"From this point of view, you can become a member of our cavalry division and you’re passed the junior examination. But let's take a look at your Riding Stings. You go over there and choose a weapon whatever you like. "The old man said, after he found that Yuxiao was recovered from the shock, he nodded his head and pointing to the weapon rack next to him.

Yuxiao looked at a row of weapons such as knives, pikes, sticks, bows, whips and swords and so on. He went to the front and selected an iron pikes with child-arm sized width, and three meters length. He held it flat in his right hand and felt its weight. This is the largest of all the weapons. He rode up to the white horse and went inside the field.

When he entered the field, he thought to himself, 'I only learned the tricks that are used on the ground, not on the horses. As he thought, his legs pressed hard against the belly of the horse, and the white horse lets out a cry and ran forward. At once, he kept changing the action to control the iron pike in his hands. Only to see that the iron pike was hit hard by him. Stab, sting, tart, bump, tangle, circle, hold, take, pounce, point, poke, dance…every action was being used by him in turns. One moment he was ferocious, other moment he was slow and insolent. Seeing this, the old man on the right nodded with satisfaction.

At this point, the cavalryman who brought him here was totally shocked. He watched Yuxiao brandished his iron pike, which weighed tens of kilograms and there was no sign of fatigue at all.” How could this teenager be so powerful? It’s no wonder that Xiong picked him up.”

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