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Chapter 18 The Cavalry Test (Part II)

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"Yes, he is a talent. You can take him to the battalion of Xiong's later, and let Xiong teach him well. The middle-aged man on the right told the cavalryman after watched Yuxiao come this way.

"Roger that." Replied the cavalry, with nodding respectfully.


The old man in the middle took out a notebook and asked Yuxiao.

"Xue Si.” Yuxiao said without hesitation.

"Home address."

"Yuyang city."

"Family contact."

Yuxiao listened, then shook his head and said. "I haven’t."

"Well, you can report to the 1th battalion. He'll take you there." "Said the old man, putting away his pen and looking up at the cavalryman standing beside.

"Yes." The cavalry led xue yuxiao ran to the outside of the cavalry division.

The old man glanced at the notebook unintentionally when he was about to close it. “Yuyang city, Xue Si…” A few lines led a thought flashed through his mind. “The Qi family of Xue in Yuyang city? Was he a descendant of the family of Xue, who concealed his identity? I just have to check with Chief Xue. If the Xue people die on the battlefield, it will be a big trouble.

“Old Lee, what are you thinking about?" "Asked the other old man, who sat on his left.

"Oh, nothing, just thought the kid's Qi was too weak."

“Old Lee, can’t you be nice. There are not so many talents in our ordinary cavalry battalion. When the war began, we are the vanguard in to the battlefield, so we lost the most. Could you help us to retain some talents? If all the talent goes to your magic knight battalion, how could our ordinary cavalry battalion to live?” Said the old man on the far right.

Yuxiao and the cavalryman, ran out of the cavalry division, came to the broad avenue ahead three kilometers, and then they ran to the right to a fork road. Yuxiao followed closely behind, as they came to a courtyard by the door. "This is the logistics department of a 1th battalion," he said. "You should register here first and get your daily necessities. Then someone will take you to your barracks where it’s full of new recruits this year and there are not many of them. You will take the training there for up to two months and you're going to be in a regular team in 1th battalion.

"Thank you. Brother Wang, I would like to ask you to take care of me if I have an opportunity to meet you again.” It was time for parting. Yuxiao said with a bit reluctant.

"That's for sure." The cavalryman then looked into the courtyard and shouted. "bald Zhao, come out here to meet the new recruits! What are you eating there?"

After he shouted, a chubby, bald, middle-aged man with a charitable face came out of the yard. He ran in a short jacket, with his fat around his waist flapping. After he arrived at the door, he watched the cavalryman Wang laughed like a Maitreya and said, “I didn't eat anything. I promise. I just went to the toilet”

“I don't know why Xiong wants you to be a steward here, but if I were your boss, I would have kicked you off. I don't want to talk nonsense with you any more, have you seen this man, my brother Yuxiao, he just reported today. You must serve him well or you will be a dead man.”

"He said with a glare, which made the bald Zhao shudder, and made him turned the hot sweat into cold. Zhao nodded his head quickly and said, "yes, yes, yes. I’ll do it."

Then Wang said to Yuxiao. "Brother, please let him arrange for you. I have to go back to stand guard." After pinched the horse's stomach, he turned and ran.

Yuxiao then looked at the bald Zhao and said. "Mr. Zhao, I'm sorry to trouble you."

The bald Zhao quickly shook his head, looked at Yuxiao humbly and said with a smile: "Not at all, not at all. Mr. Xue, come in please."

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