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Chapter 19 Two Foodies(Part I)

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Bald Zhao gave Yuxiao everything he needed for daily use, and helped him wrap it all up on his horse's back, then he looked at Yuxiao and said, “Mr. Xue, you can take whatever you need from the parcel."

Yuxiao thought, “He helped me to distribute and organize things, so that he was oozing sweat.” He shook his head and said, "Thanks, actually I don't need it."

“That's what I should do.” Zhao was happy to hear that Yuxiao said “thanks” because of that after working here for so long, no one who was born into a rich family had any respect for him, not to mention they ever said ‘thanks’ to him. He was right to consider Yuxiao as a rich kid. After all, cavalryman Wang was a battalion commander. The person he picked should not be ordinary people.

"I'll take you to the barracks, where I'll leave my subordinates to guard here."

Bald Zhao smiled and said politely to Yuxiao, then asked several of his subordinates to look after the goods in the warehouse. After this, he took Yuxiao with him to the barracks.

"Mr. Xue, I have a bottle of Chinese medicine which can dispel the scar left by a knife wound. I bought it at the auction house in the city, and it is not worth a few silver. You can keep it. All the girls love beauty. If you have a crush on some girls in the future, you might use it because our appearance is also essential to them. He drew from his bosom a porcelain vase of jasper color and fist-sized, in which the liquid was clearly visible. A look of disapproval flashed through his eyes, then he was handed it with Yuxiao with a smile.

Yuxiao looked around and was drawn by the beauty of the jade porcelain vase. He took over and looked it, said, “A gentleman won't take the benefit of others. I appreciate your kindness, manager Zhao. You can let me know where the auction room is and I'll go and buy one later.” Yuxiao said, and returned the bottle of medicine to Zhao.

Bald Zhao took the porcelain bottle, stuffed it into his bosom and looked at Yuxiao with respectful. It was then that he realized that not everyone liked to take advantage. Then he laughed and said. "Mr. Xue, as far as I know, there is an apprentice Magic Pharmacist in our camp. I wonder if you are interested in meeting him."

"Oh? What is the apprentice Magic Pharmacist?" "Asked Yuxiao curiously.

"Apprentice Magic Pharmacist is a very different kind of Magicians. There is only one kind of magic -- fire, which is rare in our country and is the key protected object. The apprentice Magic Pharmacist didn't awaken the fire until they were 16 years old. His father is a member of the general of our country, he felt that his son's home training is totally a waste of time, so he led him to the army to practice.” Bald Zhao thought Yuxiao was interested and continued. "Although he is now an apprentice magician, it is difficult to make a successful potion. But if he can produce five discrete primary potions, even if the magic-level does not meet the standards of primary magicians, he is also a true primary Magic Pharmacist. But it's hard to get to the primary magicians. The potions in my hand that can remove scars were made by them. Although it is not expensive at auction, but it’s rare. Sometimes when it is not in circulation for a season, it can be sold at auction for between a hundred and a thousand gold coins.

"How much is it?”

"Yuxiao asked in surprise, doubting his hearing at this time. After a month or so on the run, he would have spent nearly ten years of his savings, and this bottle of potion might not be available with his life savings. How could that be?

"Normally it sells around 100 gold coins, and if there's a shortage in the market, it's around 1,000 gold coins." With a little confused, Zhao explained again, and thought that, “Don't you know this?”

Yuxiao made sure his ears heard correctly, showing an uncanny expression. He thought, “If only I could learn to make potions.” He thought again that he was practicing the Qi, and that he had no knowledge of the Magicians, and gave up the idea.

"Manager zhao, I don't know the name of that new recruit. Could you tell me?" Yuxiao became interested in the man who was his age and almost his fate, and asked the bald Zhao.

"This man, whose surname is Tang, full name is Tang Shaobao. I met him once, and found him cheerful and easy to deal with. I do not know whether you like his personality. If you like it, I can put you in his dorm room and live with him. "Said the bald Zhao with a chuckle.

“That would be great. Sorry to trouble you.”

Yuxiao looked at zhao with joy when he heard that he could live with him.

"Not at all, not at all" said the bald man with a chuckle.

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