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Chapter 20 Two Foodies(Part II)

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Yuxiao talked and laughed with bald Zhao. In a little while they came to a camp built of stone like a fortress. Bald Zhao took him to the door of the last, right-most barracks, then he said, "There, on the fourth floor, was the laboratory where he practiced his potions, and it was the privilege of our Cavalry Battalion given to him. The third floor is his rest room. The first floor is the place where the horses rest. You can live with him on the third or the second floor. Normally, there are eight people on each floor. There's only one person on the two floors, plus you're only two. Despite his jovial disposition, no one wanted to live in a dormitory with him because he made too much noise during the preparation of the potions. Consider whether you live on the second or third floor and I'll register you in.

Yuxiao thought for a while and said. "I’ll live on the second floor. Could you introduce me to him please? It is not appropriate for me to meet him directly."

"No problem." Said Zhao with a smile.

Then the bald Zhao took Yuxiao into the first floor of the single-room manger. Yuxiao tied up the horses, he then took daily necessities on horse's back, and then Zhao led Yuxiao to the second floor. On the second floor, he saw a semicircle of room, with stone pillars supporting the bottom of the three floors. Eight empty beds and the floor were clean, and the sun shone in their more brightly than a single room on which the horses were lived.

When Yuxiao took a cabinet and put what he was carrying, bald Zhao was about to open it and tidy up. "I can do this by myself." Yuxiao hastened to stop him. "And please introduce me to Tang Shaobao." he continued.

"Let me help you sheet your bed. It's nothing big," said Zhao with a smile.

"Don't be so polite to me. Please take me upstairs and introduce me." Yuxiao said.

Bald Zhao listened to this, knowing that he really didn't have to help make the bed, he laughed and said, "Well, then, you go up with me." He led Yuxiao up to the third floor and went inside.

"Mr. Xue, he is Tang Shaobao.”

When he reached the third floor, Yuxiao saw a young man with purple hair, two sizes smaller and similar in size to bald Zhao. He was lying in his bed, deep asleep like an octopus. His nose was thundering and his mouth watering, which had already wet the bed. Bald Zhao looked at Yuxiao and said awkwardly. "I don't know how to wake him up."

Yuxiao looked at him and thought. 'What a wonder, he sleeps so well in such daytime.”

He could not help laughed, shook his head, looked at the bald Zhao whispered: "Do not disturb his sleep, I will visit him another day."

The two men turned and walked downstairs until Zhao left the room. Yuxiao, sitting on a stool, thought about the experience, and then looked at the vast empty room. He had a strange feeling of loneliness in his mind.

He looked out of the window at the sky for a moment. Then shook his head, cast aside his disorganized thoughts. He sat cross-legged on the bed and took a deep breath, and began to practice the process of gathering air, trying to get all the Qi that had disappeared today as quickly as possible.


Suddenly there was a sound of a brass bell beating in the room. Yuxiao was awakened from the exercise. Before he knew what was the matter, he heard a voice coming down from the third floor. Then there was a rush of feet running downstairs.

Yuxiao looked up out of the window and saw that it was approaching dusk. Bald Zhao had told him that there was a time limit for food in the barracks, and that he could not eat after that time. When he came out of the dormitory building, he happened to see the back of a chubby teenager with purple hair, he rushed towards the crowd.

Yuxiao knew that it was the canteen where Zhao told him all about. He quickened his pace and ran there. When he came to the place where food was served, he saw that there were ten queues where people could wait for a meal. He picked a random queue and lined up at the back.

Most of the people in the barracks ate together. There was only one exception. Tang shaobao, he squatted close to the queue, gulping down his food. Yuxiao did not know anybody else, so he took his meal and went to him, squatting on the ground to eat beside him.

"You're a newcomer here?

At this time, Tang Shaobao finished eating. He looked down and saw Yuxiao in front of him. Yuxiao smiled at him. He could not speak with his mouth full, so he answered his question by nodding his head.

"Eat quickly, otherwise someone else will rob your food."

Then he took the plate and ran to the place where the meal was being served. He asked for a large bowl of soup, a large bowl of meat, and four large steamed buns. He squatted down to his seat and ate, without speaking to Yuxiao anymore. Yuxiao finished his meal and asked for the same amount of food as Tang Shaobao. Then he squatted beside him and ate as well.

Yuxiao had just eaten more than half of the second bowl, the third bowl of Tang Shaobao was served. Yuxiao was also to finish the second bowl and served the third bowl. When this two men finished fourth bowl while others only finished their first. Many people were full after the first bowl and left the place to go back to their barracks. There were only a few people who could eat the second bowl, but when everyone else was full, these two guys had already eaten the seventh bowl. When Tang Shaobao finished the seventh bowl, he went to fetch food again, but the cook said, "there is no more food." Then he went to another place. Before Tang Shaobao came back, Yuxiao had finished his seventh as well. He took up the tableware and went to the place where the meal was served.

"It's all gone but I'm still not full, you chefs, can’t you do more food? You chefs are always not providing enough food, how can I fight and kill the enemy ah. I will be starved before out of the city.” Tang Shaobao griped and turning head to find Yuxiao was also looking for food, then he said "Brothers, you also didn't eat enough?"

Yuxiao looked at him, smiled and said, "yes, I only ate half full."

The cook, who had been feeding Tang Shaobao and Yuxiao, was shocked at that moment and thought, “When one foodie comes, the cost will increase, and now comes another. This newcomer’s belly is not big either. Where did you get all your food?”

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