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Chapter 22 Training started(Part II)

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It makes Yuxiao’s eyes brightened. He looked at Shaobao and said, "really?"

"I don't lie to you, you know what, dragon city has an internal mall of the military department which has all good things, and you don’t need any gold to get them. "Shaobao said as he shook his head.

"Don't deceive me, brother Tang." Yuxiao looked at Shaobao suspiciously this time.

"Shaobao said to Yuxiao in a cryptic whisper as he twisted his head to make sure that no one was around. “It's a state secret, and I wouldn't have known it if my father hadn't told me. I'm here to get a potion that is useful for me.” Shaobao smiled smugly at the moment.

"Since there is no need for gold, what is needed to get it?"

Yuxiao believes there is no such thing as a free lunch. He asked doubtfully.

“The military credit. There is also a rank limit. In the cavalry division, only the 1th battalion is eligible to exchange military credit for what you want, to the other battalions, only the battalion commander is eligible for it. The shop is mainly for the Magic Knight and some other special combat units.” Shaobao said with pride and thought carefully. "Brother, you can't let anyone outside know about this, or you'll be executed.

"Why is that?”

Yuxiao began to trust him, he continued to ask.

" This shop is specially provided by the Royal for people who were loyal to the country. There are so many people in the national army, but there is only one such shop in our dragon city. Few people in the national army knew of this shop's existence. If this news comes out, I am afraid that some people will rebel. Furthermore, Neighbor countries also have menaced people. If they learn the news, they will send spies into our country. It’s a massive loss if they make a great effort to exchange important things. "Shaobao whispered this time.

“The walls of the Dragon city have a million defenders. No matter how big the shop is, it will not be able to put many things, not to mention such kind of potion, it should be something very precious.

Whatever Yuxiao had in mind, Shaobao led him to find a better restaurant to go in and eat a lot of food. The two of them spent five gold coins only for dinner, which made the owner of the restaurant sighed that they were really strange people.

After dinner, the two returned to the military camp. At this time, Yuxiao felt a little sleepy and ready to rest. Shaobao was no longer chatting with him. However, Shaobao was in a state of high excitement, and instead of pestering Yuxiao to chat, he went straight to the fourth floor to study the potion.

As soon as Yuxiao closed his eyes, he heard a loud noise coming down from the fourth floor. Yuxiao was so scared that he ran upstairs quickly. He thought something had happened. When he reached the fourth floor, he smelled a strong smell of medicine and saw a cloud of smoke. "I'm currently working on a new super and invincible potion," Shaobao said as he scrambled out of the dust with a face of embarrassment. "It's still in the process of theory and practice."

"Are you all right? "Yuxiao asked, looking at his discomfiture.

"It happened a lot. Why don't you come and study with me?" Shaobao pulled him up and tried to walk inside.

Yuxiao quickly got rid of his hand and said. "I'm afraid of disturbing you. You'd better study alone.” He turned and ran off.

"My little brother is a fine person," Shaobao said happily as he watched him go. Then he crept back into his room.

Yuxiao listened to the noise of the fourth floor, which was as intermittent as the sound of guns. He could not fall asleep and could not practice Qi. The fourth floor was silent until dawn, when Yuxiao finally understood why no one wanted to live with him.

As the noise of the morning upstairs died away, the bell of the army canteen rang again. Fresh from a sleepless night, Shaobao, dressed in clean clothes, ran down the stairs and called Yuxiao to the canteen for breakfast.

After they finished their breakfast, Yuxiao's first day of military training will be officially started. He went with Shaobao to lead their mounts. Yuxiao was surprised to find that Shaobao's mount was a large snow deer.

Then they began training under an old trooper. Training content includes riding stings, defense and a series of team formation. In the field, both of their mounts had the feeling of standing out from the crowd.

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