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Chapter 23 The Iron Brown Bear (Part I)

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The two months of recruit training stole away quickly. Yuxiao's horse-riding combat capability has been significantly improved. He felt his physical strength had enhanced. And also, he looked stronger than ever, even than some of cavalryman in their 20s. But training has both advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the above, his own Qi has not advanced at all. He went back to where he was, and no matter how he gathered the Qi, he couldn't save a little bit.

Shaobao was much better than him, and it took him two months to successfully made a new potion which is called “Refreshing Potion”. It's an auxiliary potion that helps magicians improve their spirits, and it's not very useful to Yuxiao. But for Shaobao, the effect is clear. When he drinks the potion, whether it's a Quick Healing Potion or Refreshing Potion, his success rate will improve a lot. But he began working on new potions before he could master them. Yuxiao is also used to live under him and listening to his thumping sounds.

After breakfast today, as a recruit, Yuxiao was assigned to the third patrol of the 1th battalion. He and nine of the old troopers were on his first tour of the outer city. One can see that ten troopers in helmets and armour, armed with iron pike, sit on horseback, and nine black horses and a white one passed through the military road and galloped toward the outer city.

Every passer-by who saw them hid themselves far away.

Sitting on a white horse, Yuxiao looked at these passersby and gave them respectful looks. Suddenly, a warm current crashed over his body. His eyes became brighter and his heart stirred up a strong fighting spirit.

He had not paid much attention to the inner structure of the wall before he entered the city gate. At this time, running from the city, he saw a gentle slope with steps on the wall, which was two kilometers long. He could not help but sigh that such a wall was simply an iron wall, it is hard to breach. He sighed inwardly, ran out of the gate of the southern city, then ran forward for a kilometre and he saw a ten-feet-wide moat, rolling eastward.

They quickly crossed the moat and ran up the mountains. There were no passers-by on the road. Drooping weeds and dead leaves signal the arrival of winter, and horses' hoofs make less noise on the leaves on the road.

As they ran thirty miles south, the captain ceases the galloping horse, and the nine men behind him stopped quickly.

The captain turned his horse's head and was looking at the team in a triangle behind him. He said, “Everybody, be safe. We're going to the edge of the mountain. For emergencies and quick combat missions, I repeat again. Now we only have code names, no real names, do you hear me?” The captain then looked at Yuxiao in the middle of the third three-man line.

"Roger that!" All nine of them answered concisely.

The captain nodded his head and then rode off, with Yuxiao following in the procession. After another twenty miles, he finally saw the scene below the hillside. At this moment, the captain waved his hand. The formation quickly turned into a long serpentine and made its way west along the uneven slope.

"Concentrate." 'Cried the captain.

Everyone slowed down. They were scanning the hillsides and the surrounding area to find if there was any suspicious presence of the Evil-Beast or the demon raiders.

They marched ten miles to the west, and suddenly ten horses began to riot. The captain's face became grim. He said, "The Evil-Beast. Everybody dismount, and set the formation."

Shaobao has been giving Yuxiao a lot of talk about the Evil-Beast in the past two months, and Yuxiao got a bit alarmed when he heard this.

With the captain's warning, ten men dismounted quickly and surrounded the horse in the middle. Ten men formed a round formation on the outside. Then suddenly they heard a roar, and a three-meter-long, two-meter-high, bear-like beast of red fur appeared in front of them a hundred meters.

The captain shouted, “It's iron brown bear of level 3 Evil-Beast. Everyone be careful. The weakness lies in its abdomen, feet carries fire magic attack, straight attack distance is 10 meters, uses its nose to find the target attack, and its eyes are blind.

By this time, there were two standing horses, who were lying on the ground in fright, and the other horses were into chaos. Even the proud white horse is now in a panic.

Yuxiao did not feel particularly scared when he saw this iron brown bear. Maybe that's what it called “The more wit, the less courage.”

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