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Chapter 24 The Iron Brown Bear (Part II)

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"Keep calm everyone. No.5 will be watching from outside, and around No.7 to No.10 will outflank it, disrupt its target. No.2 and No.3 hit the point directly with me. No.4 and No.6 makes it show the point out. Do you understand?

"Understood." 'Returned the eight cavalrymen.

"Don't provoke it, don't let it rage, we only have one chance.”

The captain said calmly, but his face has already flowed the cold sweat. He knew that level 3 Evil-Beast is not these new recruits can defeat. At this time, he had no choice but to fight. He also knew that running away was surely a dead end.

By this time four men, No.7 to No.10, with iron pike, were already moving quickly toward the iron brown bear. No.2 to No.3 and the captain stood side by side. No.4 and No.6 began to walk directly in front of the iron brown bear, they were within ten metres of it, and the sweat was streaming down both men's heads.

Yuxiao stood in front of the horses, clutching his long iron pike.

The captain, No.2 and No.3 followed two metres behind No.4 and No.6, moving slowly towards the iron brown bear. No.7 was ten meters behind the iron brown bear, and he attacked first, he took the iron pike as a javelin and threw it straight at the iron brown bear's butt. The bear suddenly felt threatened behind its buttocks, it ducked and slowed down. No. 8 also attacked on the left side of the iron brown bear, followed by No. 9 on the right. They were all throwing iron pikes at it as javelins.

The attack in three different directions immediately disrupted the iron brown bear. It escaped a javelin from the rear but did not avoid two pikes from the left and right side. Two iron pikes were stuck on both sides of the bear, but they did not penetrate the body. But the two attacks angered the bears. It circled in place, wield claws twice on each side. And then, two lines of red air, shaped like hooks, flew out.

Then it hit the ground with two sounds. Two deep holes appeared on the ground ten meters away on either side of it, which aroused a piece of sandstones. No.8 and No.9 did not dodge those stones, and when they were hit, they flew back.

By this time, No. 10 was close to the iron brown bear about five meters away. When the iron brown bear turned back to attack, he lunged at the bear's neck with his pike. This attack was very fast. It was directly piercing the neck of the bear. But before he was happy, the iron brown bear clapped directly at him with a red airstream right hand. The cavalryman could not dodge, and even under the protection of the cuirass he broke into pieces. The spear stuck to the neck of an iron brown bear didn't go in even half an inch, and it was thrown to one side.

As Yuxiao looked on from the sidelines, he was concerned that the bears' skin defense was too tough. He's also worried about their teammates.

No. 4 and No. 6 didn't get scared when No. 10 was killed. They stabbed the brown bear in the side with two iron pike. As the rapid sprint of No. 4 and No. 6 went, the captain also began the foot sprint with No. 2 and No. 3. The iron brown bear turned and raised its front paws, which were shining red, smashed to No.4 and No.6. The captain and No.2 and No.3 were also instantly thrust into the one side of the iron brown bear's abdomen. The strength of the three men was at least a hundred pounds, and this attack turned the bear over but without penetrating his skin a little.

"This is not good."

The captain was startled at this moment and he knew that something was going badly.

Yuxiao could not help himself at this time. He held the kids-arm-thick iron pike in his arm, and jumped twice to the front of the iron brown bear. He swung his iron pike on the bear's neck and knocked it down.

Then he took the iron pike and plunged it into its stomach. After a “Poof” sound, the iron pike went in two inches. Before the bear could make a terrible cry, he stirred it twice with an iron pike in his hand, and pulled it out. There was a bloody hole left the bear's stomach.


The iron brown bear gave a miserable cry and its body began to cultivate larger, which is an obvious sign of self-detonation. The captain was too scared to say anything. Yuxiao's eyes were as cold as lightning at this moment. He lunged at the iron bear's neck, and the point of his pike passed through it.

The iron brown bear's growing body quickly shrank back to its original size, and it died.

Everyone else was completely astonished, including the captain.

"Captain, what shall we do now?"

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