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Chapter 25 We are not destined (Part I)

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“Captain, what shall we do now?”

Yuxiao’s words had waken the captain. He started giving out orders hurriedly. First, let’s bury the body the No. 10. The nine people bowed together to the tomb and summoned for one minute. Then under the command of the captain, they all ran to the city with the No. 10 horse carrying the body of the iron bear. Just as they disappeared, five iron brown bears showed up from far away and were slowly moving over. In a blink of an eye, these five bears arrived at where the fight took place just now.

One bear, which was much taller than the other four, smelled carefully on the ground and suddenly started roaring to the direction where Yuxiao disappeared. Then it rushed to chase after Yuxiao, with the four bears following.

"Brother, you made a great contribution today. I will redeem a special military reward stone for you at the military trading center after we get back.”

The cavalry squad was matching to the Dragon town. The captain turned back to Yuxiao and said. They were unaware of the five iron bears chasing after them.

Just as they were about 20 miles from the Dragon town, Yuxiao felt a sense of danger. He turned around checking the sides of the road, but he didn’t find anything strange. However, when he turned to look back, he saw five black dotting running after them. He said curiously, “What was that?”

The captain looked back was shocked, “Damn it. That's’ the Iron Brown Bear squad. Let’s speed up and get back town.” He slammed at the horse’s belly trying to speed up.

The other cavalrymen were also shocked and quickly urging their horses. In the battle just now, Yuxiao got to know more about the power of the iron brown bears. He thought, “Maybe I am able to manage killing one iron bear. But in front of five such bears, I would be eaten by them.” Then he accelerated the speed of his horse as well.

In about the time of five breaths, the white horse had already run to the front of the team. Then he slowed down a little bit to rejoin the team. But the captain shouted out angrily, “Why do you slow down? Do you want to be killed together with us? Run fast to the town and report this situation.”

At this time, Yuxiao recalled the respectful look that the citizens gave them when they left the town in the morning. Then he said determined, “Let die and live together, as a team! This is what you told me. I don’t want to be a runner.”

The captain heard what Yuxiao said and yelled: "Bastard, our mission is to patrol for the town and to report the situation rather than dying. Do you understand?”

Ten horses were rushing towards the Dragon town. No matter how the captain yelled at Yuxiao, Yuxiao’s belief was to stay with the cavalry squad. He no longer responded to the captain. This was also one of the most important take-away he got from his two months in the army—never abandon your team.

When the cavalry was about 15 miles away from the town, the dark spots became closer. The soldiers could easily tell the shape of them the bears when they looked back. But none of them had the time to look back. They were all focusing on rushing their horses to run faster.

In a bomb shelter on the wall of the southern Dragon town, which was about 100 meters above the ground, there were two young men sitting inside. One of them looked at the sparkling crystal ball and said, “Hey…”

"What's wrong?" At the same time, the other young man looked to the crystal ball and also said “Hey!”

“How did the iron bear squad appear?”

The young man who was asking the question saw the picture in the crystal ball—the cavalry squad was running in the front with five iron bears chasing after them.

“It looks like a more difficult winter this time. The guardian is much harder than years ago when we were in the army” The first young man didn’t respond to the question but murmured himself.

“Brother Bai, what are you talking about? Should we go to help them?” Asked the second young man.

“Let’s give them a hand. Though they do not belong to our infantry division, we can’t let those from the cavalry thinking we are mean.” The first young man said.


At this time, the second young man could wait but stood up. He jumped out of the shelter on the 100-meter-high wall and flew towards the direction of the cavalry with the wind.

Seeing the young man hurriedly out, the other young man who looked more mature shook his head and had a bitter smile. He talked to himself, “After so many years of battle, he is still impatient.” He continued looking at the picture in the crystal ball and did not go out to help.

Just when Yuxiao and the soldiers were about to see the moat of the town, there suddenly came an angry roar of an iron brown bear. The ten running horses were scared to death and all fell onto the ground. The nine cavalries jumped quickly from the horseback and landed on the ground.

“Let’s die with them. The long snake array!”

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