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Chapter 26 We are not destined (Part II)

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The captain stood at the forefront, only 100 meters away from the iron brown bears. It would only them the bears five to six breaths time to run into the captain. Following closely the captain was Yuxiao, whose eyes were full of calm.

The strongest iron brown bear jumped up suddenly, rushing over into them with his claw in red light. The captain closed his eyes, stabbing his run to the chest of the bear. At this time, Yuxiao jumped from 10 meters behind the captain and landed in front of the captain. He was trying to cut off the bear’s claw with his iron gun.

“Shit! Little kittens showing off at the borders of the red country! ”

Yuxiao heard someone speaking while feeling himself being thrown away into the air. The giant iron brown bear in front of him suddenly fell onto the ground for no reason. The red light on its claw had also disappeared.

Then the four iron brown bears in the back also fell onto the ground for no reason. All of them stopped moving. Yuxiao didn’t have time to check for the change on the ground. He looked at himself. He was in a bubble, floating in the air and then steadily fell to the ground.

Just as his feet touched the ground, there was a “Boom” sound next to his ears. The bubbled surrounding him disappeared. There was a young man in a white cloth standing in front of him.

“Young man, weren’t you scared? You even dared to go head to head against the flaming claws of these little kittens. Do you know that your iron gun would instantly be melted when it touched the bear? You, yourself, would also be burnt into ashes.”

After hearing this, Yuxiao felt his head was full of cold sweat. He really didn’t expect the result to be so destructive. He only thought that he should be able to cut off at least one of its claws without noticing how powerful of the skill of the flaming claws were. Yuxiao kept shaking his head without a word.

"You never blame those who didn’t know about the true. You are not members of the magic cavalries. But you! As a captain, haven’t you seen the power of iron bear before?” The young man in white asked the captain with uncontrollable anger.

The captain and the other cavalrymen in the back did not have the survival excitement but were standing there with their head looking at the ground. They were all panicked. The captain answered, tremoring, “My honor to see you, the grand magus Yimeng.”

"You don’t have to be so polite with me. I don’t manage your military section. I don't have any power over you. I was just wonder how did you get in trouble with these little kittens?” The white young man was the one who flew over from the wall to help. He didn’t continue blaming the captain’s fault but changed his topic.

"I don't think any of you have magic power. How did you kill the first kitten?” The white young man grand magus Yimeng asked.

The captain didn’t dare to hide anything at this time. He knew clearly that the grand magus Yimeng could kill them all with one finger if he was unhappy. So he told Yimeng all the details of how the first iron bear was killed during their patrol.

"Oh ~! You little man indeed had some strength. It’s a loss for you if you don’t join the infantry army.” The grand magus Yimeng looked at Yuxiao and said.

Hearing what the grand magus said, the captain’s face turned pale. But Yuxiao looked at the grand magus and replied calmly, “As long as I can make good use of my strength, it is the best place for me, regardless which army division it is.”

However, seeing his scared fellows and captain, he also came to realize how powerful the grand magus was.

"Hey ~! What you said makes sense. What’s your name?” The grand magus Yimeng asked Yuxiao while looking at him with a strong interest.

“Xue Si”

Yuxiao replied directly.


Yimeng looked at Yuxiao’s expression and nodded. Then a blue crystal ball suddenly hit onto Yuxiao. Yuxiao felt a freezing power was moving along the veins in his body. He was surprised and tried to exert his strength. But it was in vein. He quickly calmed down, thinking, “If he wants to kill me, he wouldn’t have talked with me for so much. I can wait and see what he really wants from me.”

Yimeng saw the calm expression on Yuxiao and couldn’t help to praise this young man. Back then, when he was taking this body channel test, he was scared to death.

In just a little while, the freezing power in Yuxiao’s body disappeared. He could move his body again. Then the grand magus Yimeng said, “It turned out to be an incomplete set of vein channels with all the five elements missing. You are not destined to practice magic. What a pity.”

After his words, he shook his head and continued, “Originally I wanted to take you as my disciple. But we are not destined. Then let me kill the five kittens as an ending to our meet!”

There was a blue light showing up in his hand, which was much bigger and deeper than before. He pushed the blue light ball over to cover up the five iron brown bears. Then the blue light landed on the bears, creating a layer of ice on their originally bloody-red hair. The five iron brown bears gave a tragic roar and died right away. Then the grand magus Yimeng rose back into the air and flew towards the Dragon town.

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