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Chapter 27 Credits Memory Stone (Part I)

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Yuxiao watched the grand magus Yimeng drift away with the wind, he thought. “His cultivation was much higher than that of my father, and he said that my meridians were inherently irregular, that all five elements were lacking. Is it true that I could not practice magic and Qi?” At this moment he could not help but clench his hands, and he thought to himself, “This is not true, I once gathered my Qi, and I cannot believe his nonsense.”

While Yuxiao was thinking, the captain of the cavalry and the other seven cavalrymen were recovered. The captain walked up to Yuxiao and said. "thanks a lot, brother."

“You are welcome. It's all the grand magus Yimeng’s work. It's nothing to do with me."Yuxiao said, shaking his head as he was listening to his words.

“You’re so polite, bro. Thanks to you that he was so kind to us this time. And he gave you a big gift this time. What do you decide to do with it?” Yuxiao was the center of the captain's mind at this time.

"What gift? "Said Yuxiao, looking at the captain doubtfully.

The captain pointed to the bodies of five iron brown bears lying on the ground. He said, “That's a lot of money. You've made a fortune. When we get back, you should treat us to a meal.”

"What does this have to do with making money?" Yuxiao asked, still with puzzled.

"I'll tell you, brother. There are rules in the military trading center. The reward for killing a level 3 Evil-Beast is 100 military credits. If there are magic crystals in the body of Evil-Beast, you can exchange 50 gold coins at the trading center. If you don't find the magic crystals, you can bring back important material from the corpse that you can also redeem some credits. I was going to take you back and exchange a military credits memory stone for you with the iron brown bear you killed, so that you can automatically record your military credits when you hunt Evil-Beast in the future. This time, you're rich. Not the one you killed, but these five iron brown bears will bring you 500 credits. Add to that the magic crystals inside them and you will get 750 points of credit, if you get back their full bodies, and you will get a thousand credits in sum. Maybe you don't understand what credit is now. In the military trade center, a point of military credit can be exchanged for ten gold coins. So now you have at least 10,000 gold coins." The little captain talked effusively to him.

"Ten…ten thousand gold coins? His eyes were wide open, said in surprise. “Did I hear you wrong?”

"Why should I lie to you. Of course, if you really need money instead of credit, you can sell it on the black market or send it to an auction house of your own free will, and your income is likely to exceed 100,000 gold coins." Then the captain explained to him.

"100,000 gold coins! Yuxiao couldn't believe what he was hearing, he said doubtfully.

"Of course, if you don’t need money urgently, Isuggest you change the military credit. In the future, what you can exchange at the military trading center is definitely more cost-effective than what you can buy outside. But some of the most valuable items may not be available at the military trading center, only at auction houses.” The captain felt that his words were inconsistent. At this time, he no longer explained, but looked at Yuxiao and let him choose.

Yuxiao understood the meaning of the captain's long words, he thought, “I do not know what is valuable and what is not. I am here to fight for the military credit originally, so I’m going to exchange the credits.” After making up his mind, he looked at the captain and said, "captain, I have decided to change the military credits. Let's divide them.”

When the captain heard the last sentence, he felt happy and thought. “this recruit is very kind.” But he said with a wry smile: "Military credits can't be given to others. We already have the credits memory stone. Our military credits will be automatically recorded on us, not ours will not be recorded on us.”

"So, those five Evil-Beasts should record in the memory stone of the grand magus Yimeng?" "Thought Yuxiao this time.

"At the level of the grand magus, they can block the record of the credit memory stone. Since he told me that he gave them to you before he killed them, it proves that he is shielding the memory stone. These six iron brown bears are unclaimed objects, and only you can get all their military credits. The reason I told you five, not counting the one you killed that I want to get you a memory stone. In addition, I also want to take away the magic crystal inside of it, exchange some gold coins to the family of No.10.” The captain spoke out his true thoughts, and he felt a great relief. Next, he thought, was what Yuxiao was going to choose.

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