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Chapter 28 Credits Memory Stone (Part II)

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Yuxiao listened to the captain mention No. 10, the dead cavalryman, he thought to himself. “How could I forget him, asshole! He died for us all.” Thinking of this, he made a decision, “In addition to the basic credit, we will sell all six corpses and the magic crystal to the black market, after which 50% of the proceeds will go to the family of the No.10, who died for us. And we shall divide the rest of it. The military credits I was going to change the credit memory stone could not be changed into gold coins, except for these, I was changed into gold coins for the family members of No.10. After all, dead men can't be born again, and we can still fight for glory with our own hands, can't we?"

Everyone was surprised to hear Yuxiao's words. "How could this young man have the valor, honor, dedication, sacrifice and now justice in the ten principles of cavalry without having participated in the training of cavalry? Was he a cavalry by nature and different from us? It was a pity that he could not work out Qi and magic, or he can actually train in the cavalry battalion.

"Give my share of the fifty percent to the No.10." With Yuxiao's determined gaze, the cavalry captain voluntarily gave up his share. The other seven cavalryman looked at each other and eventually made the same decision as the captain, giving up their share.


At this time, the young man who was also in the city wall same as Yimeng looked this scene inside the crystal ball, said this word and didn’t have the following. By this time, grand magus Yimeng had flown to the other side of the wall and did not hear the young man's remark about Yuxiao.

Yuxiao, the captain, No.2, No.3, No.4 each carried the body of an iron brown bear, and the other one was on No.10's horseback. They ran towards the dragon city and surprised its guards as they went through the gates. They had never seen anyone come into town with an entire Evil-Beast carcass. The commoners were more curious, they were thinking, “How could there be such a giant bear, how could they kill these bears?” Even though they were inquisitive, none of them dared to ask.

In the inner city, Yuxiao, led by the captain of the cavalry, followed to a rather busy street to the west. He saw that most of the shops on both sides of the street were selling weapons, and there were several inns and pawnshops besides weapons. This time they stopped in front of a three-storey shop. Yuxiao looked inside and saw that it was also a weapon for sale, but there was no ordinary weapon in it, and the worst one was one mixed with refined iron.

"We have been here for the Manager Xing. 'Said the captain, he dismounted and looked at a fellow in his twenties at the door.

This man looked at the carcass of the iron brown bear on their horses, and there was a look of surprise in his eyes. He nodded, without saying anything, turned back in diameter, and went into the inner room.

After a while the man came out with a hunchbacked old man in his sixties. The old man glanced at the iron brown bear on the horse's back, then looked at the captain, and said softly, "Carry these things to the second floor."

"Glad to see you, Mr. Xing."

The captain took two steps forward, lowered his head to his ear and said something. "You nine," said the Xing, with an uncanny look in his eyes. "Come with me."

The captain quickly gave Yuxiao a look and let them follow. They followed Manager Xing to the inner room, and then Yuxiao noticed the difference in this room. There was nothing in the room except a 1-meter halo on the ground in the middle.

The Manager Xing and captain stood up, followed by a flash of soft white light, then the two men disappeared. Yuxiao was shocked.

"Do not be afraid. This is teleportation circle. Let's stand up there too." No.2 explained to Yuxiao when he saw his surprise expression.

Yuxiao followed them up, and he felt the space suddenly turn dark and then light up. He looked at the room, which was much larger than before, and contained only a humble chair, a cabinet, and a table. A bright, 30cm square crystal card sits on the table.

"Eight of you, let me see the record of your military credit memory stone." "Said the Manager Xing with a cough as he sat in his chair.

The captain took the lead and placed his right hand on the crystal card, which sent out a series of Numbers. It was followed by No.2 and No.3 until No.9 was finished. Manager Xing snorted: "Him, a novice, without any Qi and magic, how can he kill level 3 Evil-Beast? Tell it from the facts."

At this time, captain’s face clouded. Then he told the whole story from before to after. Finally, he added. "If you still don’t believe me, you can find grand magus Yimeng to verify it.”

Xing listened to the captain and frowned, he looked at Yuxiao and said. "Are you sure you don't trade those bodies for us?"

Yuxiao shook his head and said nothing, as a tacit admission that he would not trade to the Manager Xing.

Manager Xing sighed and said, "Well, take off your armor and expose your right arm."

Yuxiao listened to him and looked at the captain standing nearby. The captain nodded his head to him, and he took off his armor and rolled up his sleeve to reveal his right arm.

Xing stood up and took a jade-like, 1 centimeter sized, thin and transparent white sheet from the cabinet. With a flick of his finger, the transparent sheet floating toward Yuxiao's right arm.

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