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Chapter 29 The Cavalry Captain (Part I)

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Yuxiao watched this credit memory stone fall into his arm. He felt a chill on his arm, and then he didn't notice anything unusual on his arm.

"Don't worry. It won't do any harm to your arm. If you want to check your military credit, just come here. If you have magic or fighting spirit, you can deliver them into the stone a little bit, so you can see your own credit by this way. Manager Xing explained after looked at Yuxiao's startled eyes.

"Put your hand on this." The Manager Xing pointed and said.

Yuxiao took a look, found that the place Manager Xing pointed was the place where the captain and other's hand has been put. Yuxiao did not ask any more questions, but put his right hand on it.

Then he saw a word of 0 on the crystal card. Manager Xing clicked a few times on it, and the number displayed on the crystal card jumped to 500. This proves that Yuxiao has 500 points of military credits stored in the credit memory stone in his arm.

Manager Xing then looked at Yuxiao and continued: "You see? The date and time above represents what is happening now, and the 500 number is transferred from the military store card to your personal memory stone. If you want to exchange these 500 points of military credit for gold, go to another room and I will open the circle for you.” After Manager Xing said, he led Yuxiao to stand on top of the teleportation circle.

After a flash of light, Yuxiao found himself in another room, which was much richer than the room on the first floor where only weapons were laid out. In addition to a few weapons he knew, there were many strange weapons of various shapes, potions in bottles of various shapes, many unobserved plant bark, herbs, evil-beast limbs, etc., and each article was marked with a name and a detailed purpose.

Yuxiao glanced at the objects in the house. At this time, he looked at a person nearby and asked him. "Excuse me, I want to exchange military credits for some gold coins. I don't know what to do. Could you help me?”

After listening to Yuxiao, the man glanced toward the clerk at the counter and noticed that the clerk wasn't paying attention. He looked carefully at Yuxiao and asked. "How many military credits did you get for gold coins?"

"Five hundred. "Yuxiao said directly.

The man then looked at Yuxiao with delight and whispered. "How about I buy your military credits with 6000 gold coins? You can only get five in here."

Yuxiao listened to what he had said before he began to observe this man. The man was in his thirties, of medium height, had an easy face and did not look like a villain. He was dressed in a strange suit with a lot of magic stripes on it. Yuxiao guessed that the man was a magician.

"How about this? I guess you need it urgently to get gold in exchange for military credits. I'll give you 10,000 gold coins, how about this? That's all I can give, or you could go straight to the counter and ask the clerk to help you exchange them." Yuxiao was guessing about his identity and didn't agree with him directly. "Said the magician, who doubled Yuxiao's price as he hesitated.

Yuxiao's eyes lit up when he heard that he could exchange ten thousand gold coins. Then Yuxiao suddenly remembered. “How could this military credit be given to him directly? Could I give my own to others? Is he being lying to me?” Thinking about this, he looked at the magician in front of him and said. "Well, how can I exchange this with you?"

After hearing Yuxiao's agreement, the magician whispered happily. "I will go down and wait for you outside now. There is not the proper place to talk." Then he patted Yuxiao's armored shoulder and stood in the teleportation circle, which was sent him straight out.

Yuxiao hesitated, then thought, “he shouldn't hurt me. Just in case, I'll take the captain and the others with me.” Yuxiao got his attention and stood in the teleportation circle of the room. Then he was sent directly to the room he had just entered on the first floor.

Yuxiao walked out of the inner room and saw the captain talking to the magician he had just met. He walked over and heard that the magician wanted to buy the bodies of the iron brown bears.

"I can't decide this. Here comes the decision maker." The captain watched Yuxiao come to him, said to the magician.

"Sir, so you killed all six iron brown bears?" At this time, the magician looked at Yuxiao and couldn't help calling a respectful name.

Yuxiao looked at him and shook his head. "One of them was killed by us, and five of them were not killed by us," he said.

The magician listened to him and his shock vanished. "I have just heard from this captain that the bodies of these iron brown bears are in your charge. I want to buy them all at the price of a thousand gold coins. What do you think?”

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