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Chapter 30 The Cavalry Captain (Part II)

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Yuxiao looked at him that he was so eagerly, and he was willing to pay ten thousand gold coins for his military credits. He considered, “I don't know how much money I can sell on the black market. He appears to be in a hurry, so I might as well sell him.”

"Well, what about the price of one thousand and five hundred per one? The magician looked at Yuxiao that he did not answer or nod. So he added five hundred gold coins to each one.

"That's all I can give, and with the money for your military credits, I have given you my entire fortune. If it still doesn't work, I'll take two thousand gold coins to buy your one carcass of an iron brown bear. I won't buy the other five. The magician looked at Yuxiao that he still said nothing, asked anxiously.

He won't know that Yuxiao isn't just saying nothing, but being surprised by the price he's offering. Yuxiao was thinking about, “Who is this person and how he has so much money.”

"Since they are useful to you, I will sell them all to you for 1500 gold coins per one. So, how do we trade?” Yuxiao said as he thought. That's about 20,000 gold coins. There are nine of us, and we can't carry all this gold in a bag. He can't even take so much gold out.

As soon as the magician heard that Yuxiao was willing to sell all of them to him, he said happily. "This is very simple. Do you have a card of Huitong bank?"

Yuxiao couldn't understand, so he answered by shaking his head. Eight cavalryman standing in front of Yuxiao heard the bank and looked at the magician. Their eyes were filled with shock. Yuxiao didn't know about the bank because he had no dealings with it at all.

And they're constantly out there, always have to cope with the Banks. They know that Huitong bank is the best one of the country's three economic pillars. But they never went in. The fee for ordinary people to get a card in there is one gold coin, plus the deposit on the card every month needs to be more than three gold coins. In the case of the need for tax deduction, when these cavalrymen are not at war, there was just one gold coin for their month’s pay. They won’t ever go to places like that to get a card.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go to Huitong bank together and I'll get you a VIP card. You can come to me later if you have anything you want to exchange for gold coin or military credit. Could I take these iron brown bears away now? The longer they're out there, the less useful they'll be." The magician looked at Yuxiao and asked for his opinion.

Yuxiao looked at the cavalry captain at this time and asked him. "captain, I don't know whether this bank and card issue he mentioned is reliable."

The captain was smiling to hear that, but he did not dare to laugh. "Huitong bank is the largest bank in our country, and their business is spread to the other two countries. Their credibility is so high that no one dares to make fun of Huitong bank. What the magician said is very reliable.”

"Well, in that case it's up to you." Yuxiao looked at the magician this time and said, but there was an issue in his mind: “How did he take such a large body? “He didn't ask, wondering if he would see the result.

After hearing Yuxiao's word, the magician thanked him with a smile and went to the body of the first iron bear. He reached out and touched the iron bear's body, only to see a glimmer of the ring on his finger, and it disappeared, followed by the second and the third until the sixth. Yuxiao came back from the shock and thought. “what kind of magic is he used? I have to ask tang shaobao later.”

Yuxiao thought to himself, but did not ask, and then they rode together to the direction of the bank. They arrived at the entrance of huitong bank, where he saw a pair of tall stone lions made of white marble, a pair of magnificent four-storey commercial buildings decorated in golden splendor, and a pair of big characters of "Huitong bank" in the middle, which made them excited. But Yuxiao felt that as a bank, the money spent on the surface decoration is somewhat pompous.

The magician took Yuxiao and several of them into the Huitong bank's living room. He looked at the waiter and said. "Come and get a VIP card for my friend."

The waiter found so many soldiers that he thought someone had done anything wrong. Then he heard the magician's voice before him and realized that they were distinguished guests. He hastened to fetch them with a smile, and invited them into a separate room.

When he got to the room, Yuxiao asked for some information about the card. Then one of the stewards in the room explained patiently to him that the use of several other cards in Huitong bank.

After Yuxiao's own choice, Huitong bank gave him three different types of bank cards. The first is the bearer card, which the money can be taken out at any time but it can’t be transferred to each other. The second is a card that charges interest on an annual basis. The cardholder can only use the card once a year within the date range specified by the card holder. The amount specified by the card holder is not debited but can be transferred out. These operations do not require any certification from the card operator as long as the card is with the card holder. The last one is a VIP card. The card holder can only use the card by entering a fingerprint. The functions are unrestricted and it can be overdrawn by up to 10,000 gold coins.

After Yuxiao made three cards and traded with magician, all the gold coins were deposited into the first two cards. Yuxiao and the cavalry unit then returned to the battalion. After reporting the situation of the patrol, the cavalry captain asked for leave for all of them.

They changed their casual clothes and went to the cavalry division, asked for the address of No.10. Then they rode forward No.10’s family. Yuxiao handed the first two cards to the father of No.10, then he said a few words of comfort, and do not know how express more. They rode their horses back into the camp together, and the other eight cavalrymen called Yuxiao by another name “The Cavalry Captain”.

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