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Chapter 4 Killing in Cold-Blood (Part II)

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Yuxiao was too naive. One gold coin was enough for months of spending, or even a year, and he was being generous to share one now.

The men were very happy to find a rich kid. The first man said, “Stop wasting our time. Give us all your money, and the carriage, too, or I’ll cut off your head and today will be your death.”

Yuxiao was shocked. “Why would you want to kill me if I am willing to help you guys out? Are you evil people?”

“Ha-ha, what a moron. Have you ever seen a nice robber?” the first man said. He walked toward Yuxiao with his machete.

Yuxiao was angry too. He had just left his family and was now insulted and threatened. Only the Nie family and my own family would challenge me, or maybe the royal academy. I really doubt you country bumpkins know any martial arts, he thought. I’m not afraid to fight you. He made up his mind to teach them a lesson, and then limped off the carriage toward the group of men.

When the first man saw Yuxiao heading their way, he thought Yuxiao was terrified, and laid the machete against his neck. “A cripple wants to be a soldier? Give us all your money and get lost.”

Hearing the man’s repeated insults, Yuxiao’s gaze grew cold. His hands gripped the first man’s wrist and flung it away from his neck, then twisted hard. The man lost the machete and yelped in pain.

Yuxiao leaned forward and threw the man a few feet away and then picked up the machete. When the other four men saw Yuxiao had dared to retaliate, they ran over with their machetes and knives and began to fight in earnest.

The first man crawled to get up, embarrassed at having being shown up. He cussed and promised, “I’ll cut you up to feed to the dogs.”

Seeing their leader was mad, his entourage fought as hard as they could. Yuxiao already had an injury, and he didn’t fight to kill, so he was forced to be on the defensive with four people against him. Very quickly, his back was slashed and his thigh wounded. He darted fast enough that the cuts weren’t deep, but he still hurt. Looks like they really do want to kill me. He suffered even more cuts.

Yuxiao began panicking. His life was on the line. It wasn’t just getting beaten up by the Nie family’s bullies. A little mean streak came out, and he began fighting offensively. He attacked whoever tried to cut him and began to take the lead.

The four men swarmed Yuxiao together, aiming for his head, neck, chest, and shoulders, so he was forced to sit on the ground while fighting. One swipe cut off one man’s legs; another sent one man rolling, and a third swipe cut into another man’s groin, who passed out from the pain.

After Yuxiao managed to kill one and maim another quickly, the battle became easier. Two more moves cut off one man’s head and the last one was scared enough to run. Yuxiao didn’t let him. He felt full of energy as he threw the machete like an arrow. The blade pierced the man’s back and toppled him headfirst to the ground.

The first man had run off to the locust trees the minute he saw Yuxiao cut down two of his friends, and he didn’t try to save anyone else. Only the legless one was still screaming in pain on the ground. Seeing Yuxiao walk toward him, he pissed himself and kept shouting, “Please forgive me! Please forgive me!”

“I was nice enough to give you some money, but you are not grateful and want to kill me? What did I do wrong?” Yuxiao was angry.

The man was dazed. He shook his pale face. “You did nothing wrong . . . Nothing wrong. Please let me go.”

“Why would you treat me this way? Does everyone think I’m a pushover?”

Yuxiao grew angrier as he spoke. He lowered the machete and sliced off the man’s head, then stabbed him a few times to finish him off.

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