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Chapter 6 Grateful for the Doctor (Part II)

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“Sir, your order is ready.”

Yuxiao could feel the various bursts of energy in his body, so he was upset at the waiter for interrupting him. The energy in his abdomen dissipated, but he didn’t scold the waiter. He only said, “C’mon in.”

The waiter delivered a platter with a plate of beef, a water bowl, a kettle, and a pair of chopsticks. He put it on the table. Seeing the forlorn Yuxiao, he asked, “Anything else, sir?”

“It’s fine. You can go.” Yuxiao waved him off.

“Just let me know what else you need!” The waiter closed the door behind him.

Yuxiao started eating the beef and drinking the water, and as he chowed down, he forgot his pain. He didn’t remember his wounds until after eating, and by then he was feeling back to normal. The wounds hardly hurt anymore.

Just as he puzzled over his quick recovery, a knock sounded on the door. Yuxiao became agitated again. I have to tell them no interruptions. “What is it?”

“Sir, the doctor you requested is here. Should we come in?’

Yuxiao was happy to hear this news. “Please come in.”

The waiter led inside a forty-ish man carrying a doctor’s bag, and following them were two burly, knife-carrying men in uniform. Yuxiao didn’t check them out too closely before they were all in the room. Yuxiao folded his hands in a warrior’s greeting, and said, “Doctor, I’m sorry that I can’t greet you properly with my wounds. “

“Just call me Dr. Wang.”

Seeing how Yuxiao was polite and didn’t seem like a bad guy, the doctor was also courteous as he answered. “I don’t know where your wounds are. Let me take a look.”

Since everyone in the room was male, Yuxiao didn’t stand on ceremony before disrobing, exposing the wounds on his arms, chest, back, legs, and waist. Dr. Wang was shocked at the level of injury. Even the guards were surprised, and the waiter almost passed out. They seemed to wonder, Is he even human? How is he not dead yet? But his face is healthy and ruddy. Is he faking being hurt?

Dr. Wang may have felt that Yuxiao was pretending, too, but before he asked, Yuxiao moved to show that his wounds weren't fake. The waiter was too terrified to look and ran out the room. On Yuxiao’s right arm were two finger-length cuts and there were two equally long cuts on his waist, back, chest, left thigh, right shin, plus the burn on his left buttock.

“How can I even bandage these for you?” asked Dr. Wang, who was surprised at all the injuries on Yuxiao.

“Whatever you can do is fine.” Yuxiao grabbed a stool.

“All right. I'll disinfect and bandage your upper body before doing the rest.” Dr. Wang opened his medicine bag to get a bottle of medicinal wine.


Yuxiao nodded. As Dr. Wang swiped medicinal wine on each wound, Yuxiao hissed in pain, and the two guards could only shiver in sympathy.

Before long, all of Yuxiao’s wounds were bandaged and he was feeling more comfortable. He took out some silver ingot pieces for Dr. Wang. “Please accept these with my thanks.”

Dr. Wang only smiled. “It’s my professional duty to heal and save people. Ten coins is more than enough, no need for the rest.”

Yuxiao replied, “If Dr. Wang wasn't here, I'd probably expire here. Doctor, you have to take the payment. If I didn't need a lot of funds for the rest of my trip to join the army on the border, I'd give you more money.”

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