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Chapter 9 Unsophisticated (Part I)

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Yuxiao's knife wound has completely healed with Qi's cultivating. At this time, he only felt the burn on the butt is still a pain. The rest of the body has recovered. He was looking at the sun and the figures on the ground, recognized the south and strode to that direction with his decision.

He was clearly feeling much better than he had before, and walking a lot faster than usual. Twenty kilometers in an hour is now covered in half an hour. He passed several villages without going in, and when he passed two more, he saw a river. Then he walked to the river and looked through his reflection on half his face with blood. He took a handful of cold water to wash his face, and when he was done, he watched the waves in the river become calm and disappear. Eventually he saw the reflection of his bright face with a long scar on his face, his hair was half long and half short and looked very strange. He thought for a moment as he was looking at the reflection. He got up and walked south along the deserted path, thinking, "in this way, the passer regarded himself as a madman. He considered “the passer-by might now see himself as a madman, it's better to take a deserted path.”

"Your loathsome mountain thieves, I’ll fight till my death."

Just as it was getting dark, Yuxiao was walking in the middle of a mountain when he heard a piteous roar, and his curiosity was aroused. He quickly climbed over huge rocks and brambles and kept moving towards the sounds. By this time, he had climbed to the top of a small hill, and looking down on his side, he saw a mountain path. On the side of the mountain road, there are more than 20 strong men holding machetes around a middle-aged man who circled with dozens of horses. Around them were three men who covered with blood, they were waving long whips fighting with two dozen men with machetes. Their long whips were so fierce that not a one of their opponents could be approached. Next to the three men, a young man, who seemed to be only a little over twenty years old, was bleeding, and wading on the ground motionless, as if he had died.

When Yuxiao was watching four men with machetes besiege a man with a whip, a strong shiftless man who was watching from outside laughed loudly. "Third brother, aren’t you have a meal today or what, it’s been so long but you haven’t finished him yet.

"Cut the fucking crap."

Scolded by a middle-aged man, waving the machete in the field, who was not particularly tall but strong. Then he writhed on the ground to the whipping middle - aged man and struck his knees without hesitation. The middle-aged man lying on the ground screaming and being cut into pieces by four men with machetes.

Yuxiao could not bear any more at this time. After a few hops from the top of the hill, he was behind a machete man. Yuxiao held his head and made a big round and a half, and he died without a word. Yuxiao took up the machete in his hand. Before the audience could hear what was going on, he took down two more men. The crowd at last reacted, and the bald-headed villainess bellowed, "What the hell, come on and cut him off."

Yuxiao heard his shouts, his eyes turned on him and glowed like fire, and he took the machete in front of him. Two other men who had just come to intercept him were cut down on the ground like what he cut was the watermelon. As he approached the bald man, he finally saw Yuxiao's face: The long scar on his face, with her hair down and blood all over his face, just like a demon. This face made the bald man's legs weak, and he turned to run away.

"Where are you going?"

Yuxiao jumped right in front of him with a big machete and cut his head off. Then, as if he was a god of Death, he jumped up again, and killed three of them. Then one of the cowardly mountain thieves woke up, and with a trembling voice cried, "the oldest is dead. Run!" And he turned his head and ran up the hill.

Several man who did not participate in the killing of the middle-aged man with a whip, all saw Yuxiao as cruel as a god of Death, and their hearts were timid, they ran faster than the other. The short man who was called the third brother saw Yuxiao catch up with the other man and cut off his head from behind. He shouted” "Where are you bastard from? I'll kill you." As he spoke, he ran after Yuxiao with his machete, and so did the three with him. Yuxiao turned around and saw four people who were run to die, and he was no longer chasing those who had run away separately from each other up the mountain. He turned to face the four of them before they were ready to line up the battle formation. With the sound of "poof, poof", Yuxiao cut two dead directly.

“Damn it!”

The third brother saw the last attendant beside him, and Yuxiao cut his arm with a machete and split him in half from head to crotch. Yuxiao looked up the hill. He was confident that he could catch up with three more and followed up with his machete.

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